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IS technology current event

Interface Design Models” Please respond to the following:Evaluate interface design models and describe design issues across human-computer interaction environments associated with these models. Support your response.Building an interface can be broken down into the phases of design and development. Analyze the activities that take place in both phases, and explain why certain activities should be included in design but not in development.support your response in question 2 with an example

Discussion 5

In a three-page, well-written page answer the following question:
You all work in or know of people who work in enterprise IT environments Maintaining the enterprise security posture, legal risk, and security is constantly changing. What makes it so difficult to maintain information security policy, guidelines, and compliance in your organization? What steps can your leadership team take to ensure full compliance is achieved as technologies mature without disrupting the operational norms.

Discussion3: Emerging threats and counter sticks

After reading and reviewing all of the materials, especially the SENSE4US document provided, what are your thoughts? 
Please incorporate the answers to the following questions in your paper. The paper should be 2 pages, single spaced, please use APA formatting. 
· Is this a tool that would be difficult or easy to use? (SENSE4US)
· What do the following terms mean within the context of policy modeling?
1) Simplicity
2) Generality
3) Validity
4) Formality
·  How are all these terms related?

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“Social Media” Please respond to the following:Analyze how social media provides a competitive advantage for an organization’s Web strategy, given that many companies have started hiring personnel to handle Facebook and Twitter posts. Explain why a robust Web presence matters to company executives.Imagine that you are the CIO of a well-established company. State three compelling reasons why your company should utilize social media to attain a competitive advantage and explain your answer.

Discussion 2

In chapter seven (7), we have learned from “The Path to Information Value” that Seventy percent of managers and executives say data are “extremely important” for creating competitive advantage.  In addition, it is implied by the authors that, “The key, of course, is knowing which data matter, who within a company needs them, and finding ways to get that data into users’ hands.”  Looking at the Economist Intelligence Unit report, identify the three (3) phases that led to the yard’s rebirth.

Due by 11:20pm response to this essay with 200 word or more

Develop a system management plan for a new enterprise system for International Plastics, Inc. Ensure you:

Incorporate an ERP, CRM, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and data management into the International Plastics’ IT infrastructure.
Summarize how software applications utilize the IT infrastructure.
Describe the ethical and regulatory concerns associated with the plan.
Justify the plan in the context of improved business performance.
Address current trends and security concerns.

The purpose of this task is to encourage students to identify and prepare a written critique of arrange of features relating to an organisation’s social media presence and strategy.

Develop a Security Plan and Recommendation Memo to the CIO. The Plan must communicate the security strategy and technologies (minimum of 3) you are recommending from Project1/Project3/Case Study4(all are attached). Include a brief description of the technologies you are proposing with associated costs, expected return on investment (ROI), mitigation of risks, barriers to success. You must also include a detailed Network Diagram illustrating how this technology fits into the infrastructure.


Competencies and Knowledge
This assignment has 2 parts:

What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course Comprehensive Project? How did you leverage knowledge gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1- 4) in completing the Comprehensive Project? How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?
Discuss the similarities and differences between shareholder wealth maximization and stakeholder wealth maximization.

Access Control

What happens when a patient’s wishes contradict the beliefs of a health care worker’s?

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

Do health care workers have the right to conscientiously object to providing care if it varies from their own personal moral and ethical belief system? Please explain by providing an example.
How would you apply the four ethical principles to your example?
How might your answer differ based on your chosen profession in health care?

300 to 350 words

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