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Cisco Network Diagram w/IPV6 Network

I have attached a copy of my network diagram that I have been using for this class.  I now have to update the diagram to include ipv6 network addresses and subnets corporate domain specifications.  here is the fake companies information. ABOUT USBit Consulting Services is a small computer consulting company with 15 employees that consult computer solutions with a variety of small to medium sized companies. Bit Consulting specializes in Cloud services and mobile technologies for companies wanting to be at the forefront of technology for their customer solutions. Contact us and we will show you why Bit Consulting Services is the best in business!CORPORATE DOMAIN SPECIFICATIONSServer Name: BYTEME
Administrator password: 14u2nvlP
IP Address:
Domain Name: bitconsulting.com
Website: www.bitconsultingservices.com

Visual Basic Beginning

Piecework A
Piecework is paid by the piece; workers who produce
paid at a higher rate. Use textboxes to accept input,
ensuring data validation; calculate amount earned
and required summary data. Ensure the user can
clear the input areas and also clear all data to start over. Confirm the user’s
intent when selecting Clear All. Summary totals should not calculate or display when failing data validation or starting over from Clear All – disable summary button until first entry has been calculated and after Clear All

Discussion question with 500 words in APA format with no plagarism

Designing Team and Team Identity

Part 1: Think about how to build teams in terms of designing the task, selecting the people, and then, managing their relationships. How would compose a team for completing a course/work project in terms of the three dimensions listed above. How would you incorporate diversity in designing a team?
Part 2: Discuss team identity. Why do you feel attached to certain groups and teams but not to others?