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I have an 8 page paper due on Hemoglobin. The following is an outline of what it can include but doesn’t have to. It’s just to give you an idea. I repeat, the paper DOES NOT have to follow this format.  What hemoglobin isThe protein formation – Alpha & Beta How they workComposition of hemoglobinMain hemoglobin structureAmino acid sequence2 Chains – one alpha with 141 amino acids and one beta with 146 acidsWhere the protein originally comes fromHemoglobin being a protein and also called a polypeptide chain made up of subunits, which are amino acids that have linked with peptide bondsPolypeptides forming due to the variety of amino acids in forming chainsBrief overview of 20 amino acids found in proteins Hemoglobin’s affinity to oxygen and carbon dioxide
   -Hemoglobins ability to carry O2 lies in its structure, four subunits
   – Carbon monoxide having a stronger affinity for hemoglobin than oxygen
              – Why
   – Oxygen transport in the blood
   -Hemoglobin affinity for oxygen at high altitudes  Hemoglobin and X-ray crystallographyKey role x-ray crystallography has been in understanding the relationship between physiological function and protein structureX-ray analysis of hemoglobin Hemoglobins importance in basic theories about allosteric protein behaviorBrief discussion of John Kendrew and Max Perutz and the Nobel Prize they received for their work in determining the 3D structure of protein using x-ray crystallography  Hemoglobin cooperative binding with oxygenExplain the physiological significance of cooperative binding of oxygen by hemoglobin Oxygen binding changing the quaternary structure of hemoglobin Various diseases related to hemoglobinSickle cellThalassemiaPorphyriaEnlarged spleenVasculitis

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