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BUS 201 Chapter 4 Quiz (2015)

Business case write-up

This write-up requires single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, and one inch margins. I’ll upload the case reading material and the slides below.You need to write this essay basis on the slides I uploaded and the following 4 questions.1. Consider Dunlap’s statement on page 4 of the case: “Stakeholders! Every time….is the stakeholder”. Do you agree or disagree with Dunlap’s view of shareholder primacy? Explain. 2. Evaluate Dunlap’s compensation packages (at the start and at the end of the second year). What types of behavior did the packages motivate? 3. What controversies did Al Dunlap create at Scott Paper? What controversies did he create at Sunbeam? Did the board of Sunbeam make the right decision in hiring him? 4. How likely do you think Al Dunlap will turn around Sunbeam if the board gave him more support and time? Did the board make the right decision in firing Dunlap?All you need to do is answer those quesions.
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BUS 599 Assignment Part 1 and 2

Discrimination and Employment Laws

Read the “Sidebar 20.6” in Ch. 20 of the text. This text is in an attached documentWrite paper of 700- to 1,050-words in which you analyze the sexual harassment issues presented in scenario. Analyze each of the elements of this case: the applicable defenses and the basis for the court’s ruling. Analyze the possible liability in this case if the sexual harasser(s) were an independent contractor versus an employee. Cite to at least three peer-reviewed sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. This paper needs to be in APA format with 3 peer-reviewed sources.  If you quote a reference, it needs to be in quotations with a intext citation directly after it.  If you need a template for apa format, I can give you one.
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SWOT Analysis

Module 03 Project – Strategy

Now that Barbara has an understanding of the factors that influence clinic performance, it is time to set priorities and develop a preliminary strategy. A clear strategy helps to focus energy and resources, establish organizational direction, and strengthen operations where there are opportunities for improvement.For this project assignment on UCCO, complete a minimum of a 2-page report to describe a high-level strategy with associated action items for, to include the following concepts:Based on the results of the SWOT analysis, what should Barbara recommend as an overall strategy?How will the selection of the chosen EHR system contribute to the strategy? Further explain why it was the best choice.On what basis should she develop actions items? What should the action items be, as they directly relate to the strategy?What should the recommended outcomes and/ or long-term goals be, based on the action items?Visit the Rasmussen online Library and search for a minimum of 2 articles covering the topics of strategic planning and healthcare management. Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like:CINAHLDiscoveryBusiness Source Complete via EBSCOBusiness via ProQuest Remember to integrate citations accurately and appropriately for all resource types; use attribution (credit) as a method to avoid plagiarism. Use NoodleBib to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.
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XACC 280 Week 5 DQ 2


Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 1#Select a new product or service that will be launched by either an existing organization or one you will create. Obtain your instructor’s approval of your product or service before beginning this project.Complete the following assignment using the “Strategy and Positioning Analysis” template. We are doing Chanel perfume company And at less 300 words per bulletin pointDescribe your target market in detail, including information on the geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral factors used to choose your market segment.Identify the needs that cause your target market to buy.
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