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Organic Molecules

Week 2 Project
This week we will focus on Transformational Leadership.
For this assignment, you will research your advanced nursing practice role and summarize your findings in a 2-4 page paper (excluding the title page and references):
Define Transformational Leadership and as it relates to your identified leadership attributes that you possess or need to develop. The master’s prepared nurse demonstrates leadership in the four domains: the profession of nursing, clinical practice arena, health policy arena, and systems level. The impact could be found in health promotion, disease prevention/management, quality improvement and/or within management of a health system. In order to complete this assignment, you will first complete an assessment about your leadership style. Choose one of the topics below and respond to the question asked. Assure your leadership style is evident in your response.
These are:
Cherry, K. (2016). What’s Your Leadership Style? Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
How to Become a Better Leader  (https://www.verywellmind.com/ways-to-become-a-better-leader-2795324)
Domains: health promotion, disease prevention, quality improvement and health systems
Health Promotion: Healthy People 2020 have identified Metabolic Syndrome as a major health concern. Sara, lives and works as an A/GNP in rural America. Several local faith organizations have asked if she can organize a Health Fair that will address health promotion, specifically DM. What AP roles, core competencies and support are needed to make this happen?
Disease Prevention: Obesity in school age children is a significant problem. Melissa, a former elementary school teacher, is a new CNL who has recently joined her state nursing association and is passionate about the 30% or more of the students being over-weight. The local nursing association is looking for a community project to address disease prevention. Melissa has approached the officers with her concern. What AP roles, core competencies and support are needed to make this happen?
Quality Improvement:Nancy, FNP, is the clinical director of a nurse managed health center that is connected to a School of Nursing. The center’s staff members includes of all advance practice nurse providers, a nurse educator, a nursing informaticists, 2 RNs, and paraprofessional staff. The team wants to determine patient satisfaction and capture data on patient experiences both for QI and as a learning experience for students studying nursing. What AP roles, core competencies and support are needed to make this happen?
Health Systems: Daniel, a DNP prepared ED NP identified that patients seen in the ED for various reasons had undiagnosed HTN. He observed that the patient’s chief compliant was well addressed but the HTN was not. He has approached the hospital system about the problem and suggested an outpatient clinic adjacent to the ED to address the HTN and other coincidentally found problems. What AP roles, core competencies and support are needed to make this happen?

I only need one piece of the paper writen and that is all, that piece needs to be written about: The recovery of the damage caused and needs to be no more than, 200-225 words. The piece will be written about Robert who has experienced a traumatic brain in

Scientists often combine the data from radioactive dating with other dating methods to determine the age of a sample. Explain how this improves the accuracy of dating a sample and why this is important in the study of evolution.

Specificity of identification

20 Original Test Questions. Formulate twenty original test questions (matching, multiple choice, or discussion) for one chapter within your text. Write the test questions in numerical form. If multiple choice, provide five choices per question. Provide a separate answer key for your questions. Instructor approval required. The questions must be type written using standard Times New Roman 12 point font. Spacing should be single-spaced or at most 1.5 line spacing. Margin justification is 1inch. Any plagiarized work will not receive credit. 

 Biology Cartoon. Find a biology related cartoon from a newspaper, magazine,  other printed media and submit it to the instructor. The cartoon must be clearly biology-related.

GMO lab report 1 page ASAP

In this discussion you are to describe and discuss “the role of enzymes in living cells.” (1) Of the four fundamental types of molecules important to living organisms (the molecules of life), which type is an enzyme? (2) Give an example of an enzyme found in a living organism, describe the reaction it catalyzes and what’s going on molecularly at the active site of that enzyme to allow it to do this. You should find information from a reputable web resource or a biology textbook that explains these issues. For full credit, don’t forget to include a references (or references) for the source(s) where you find the information you present

Health Ed/Fitness Dynamics

Write a one to two page summary of the following learning objectives:

the effects of reduced temperature on microbial growth
the typical reservoir for psychrotrophs
the relationship of cell membranes to psychrotrophy
the relationship of refrigeration temperatures to shelf life (e.g. milk)
refrigerated meat sliming
psychrotrophic pathogens
time to toxin formation of Clostridium botulinum in refrigerated reduced oxygen packaged foods
the potential for consumer food storage temperature abuse
the effects of freezing on microbial growth (including parasites)