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Case Study in Forensic Science Safety Issues and Conclusion Paper

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Hide Assignment InformationINSTRUCTIONSCase Study InstructionsIn the Syllabus area of Content, you will find photographs of a crime scene that has some challenges. You will be asked to analyze these photographs and provide a paper detailing the challenges and how, exactly, to overcome these challenges to process the crime scene safely. You should also explain in detail all of the safety issues at this scene, including the dangers to the processing personnel as well as explain how the CSI and detective personnel can examine the scene and recover the body safely.Note: Remember, it is a paper, therefore you need an introduction and a conclusion.Format RequirementsPaper should be a minimum of 600 words or about 2-4 pagesDouble space12 pt. fontTimes Roman FONT1” marginsUse APA citations for all sourcesInclude reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count)

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