make sure is 100% original not copy anything Deliverable: 2-3 page Word document, APA format (excludes APA cover page and abstract; include reference page as applicable)For your assignment, answer the following questions. As you answer each question, you must provide support or evidence that will enhance and empirically prove your answers. Academic IT articles or real-life IT findings that are not found in journals or other academic sources must be used to support your answers.What is meant by a local Web server? Use an example that explains a local Web server to someone who does not know anything about local Web servers.What are the advantages of a Web server?· What other Internet services besides Web are valuable tools? Why?How would the implementation of an internal Web server occur?What would be the plan to make sure the Web server is working?Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.

Computer science/system analysis design

the menu structure for Holiday travel vehicles existing character based system is shown here.  Develop and prototyp a new interface design for the systems functions, using a graphical user interface.  Assume that the new system will need to inlcude the same functions as those shown in the menus provided.  Inlcude any messages that will be produced as a user interacts with your interface (error, confirmation, status).  Also, prepare a summary that describes how your interface implements the priciples of good interface desgin as presented in the textbook. Respond to case #3 (above) – Holiday Travel Vehicles on page 361 of your assigned textbook.Your task is to develop and prototype a new interface design for the system’s function using Graphical User Interface. Include the same functions shown on page 361 plus possible messages during user interface such as error messages, confirmation, status, etc.Your assignment should also include a written summary describing how your proposed interface implements the principles of good interface design.

Information Security

Considerations:Consider the difference between qualitative and quantitative risk assessments; you should be able to distinguish the two.Differentiate threat from vulnerability and use this information as the basis for threat analysis and planning.Understand that every risk does not require mitigation. A good threat analysis requires analyzing probability of occurrence and impact on the company (including cost). This analysis can be performed qualitatively and quantitatively.Analyze the situation, utilizing established analytic approaches, and reproduce that data visually (for example, using a matrix).See attached file for the scenarios you need for this assignment.

Develop the flow diagram of the information and any control elements needed to ensure proper access for the information. Submit…

Develop the flow diagram of the information and any control elements needed to ensure proper access for the information.
Submit a draft PowerPoint presentation with the following elements:
A diagram of the information flow and any elements controlling proper access to the information it uses
A description of any proposed business process changes for the system along with flow diagrams
A specific discussion on any Internet and mobile access components of the system


Discussion Questions Please respond to all of the following prompts: What is a friend function and how is it declared?Which operators cannot be overloaded and why?What is a macro in C++ programming and what are some advantages to using them?Explain the purpose of an inline function?Lab ActivityThis week you will modify the Week 5 C++ program to code friend function.To complete this activity, please refer to: Programming Problems 15.1, page 738, #2.Write an original C++ program based on the requirements listed in the final project.To complete this activity, please refer to the following document in DocSharing: Week 6 Final Programming Project.Submission Instructions: ***NOTE: For all C++ assignments, include a screenshot of your C++ program in the Visual Studio window along with the output showing or submit the actual program file. Do this for all labs.