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According to our text, scientists are largely in agreement that global and regional climates have varied over geological time, largely due to slight changes in the tilt of Earth’s axis in its orbit around the sun or associated changes in the amount of solar radiation reaching Earth.  They also recognize that climate has changed over time because of large-scale events such as volcanic eruptions.  The kind of climate change Earth is currently experiencing, however, is largely due to human activity that is altering the composition of the atmosphere.  The text then provides empirical evidence supporting this notion that humans are causing climate change. Do you agree or disagree with the perspective of the text which states that humans are causing climate change?  Explain why you agree or disagree. Provide an argument to convince someone who believes the opposite of your view in question 1 that your perspective is correct.Posted: 3 years agoDue: 31/03/2017Budget: $10

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