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AN272 Monmouth University What Is a Religious Specialist Research Paper

Question Description

The answer should be based on close work with the texts assigned before the prompt, rather than your own personal opinions. Substantiate your answers with specific references to the texts and authors assigned.According to Turner, what exactly is a religious specialist, and what kinds of categories of a religious specialist exist? What connections do you see between Turner’s “religious specialist” and Vitebsky’s and Brown’s shamans and Reichel-Dolmatoff’s prieists? What is the relationship between generative and destructive powers of religious figures? What connections–and differences–are there between dark sides of shamanism described by Brown and the Aum Shinrikyu apocalyptic cult described by Mullins?*MUST BE 400 WORDS**USE TEXTBOOK ATTACHED TO CITE AND REFER TO FOR PAPER**DEADLINE IS 6/7/19 AT 10:00 PM**TEXTBOOK IS
Pamela Moro anthology, “Magic, Witchcraft,
and Religion: A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion, 9th Edition

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