Air Pollution – Environment Persuasive Essay

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from the movie “Tap” as the only reference allowed for this essay type four topics with four paragraphs a paragraph for each topic each about the characteristics of tap dancing like1- following the music and staying on rhythm 2- exercising and practicing is key2a- a talent shouldn’t be kept on a leash, it must be released nurtured for, and taken care of2b- taking care of the dancing shoes similar to ballerinas, using duct tape for and example.b- using different kind of metal underneath the shoes for different sounds, and tuning it to make the best performance.3-form is the most important thing along with style and grace while performing 4-always going on and never quit or give upon the left header of the first page typeCourse:Name:Movie name:Make sure that there is NO Introduction and No conclusion paragraphs what so ever, just four paragraphs about four topics.and find a creative catchy Title that goes along the subject and don’t use the word characteristics.PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE OR ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES, THIS ESSAY IS ONLY BASED ON THE MOVIE “TAP” AND PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY.

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