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Explain how a student would not go through all of the phases of cultural shock.Describe how you would be with the following questions in mind:How would you measure the student’s success?What measureable information will allow you to know that the student has reached self-actualization?How would you include intrinsic and extrinsic interests and self-efficacy into your academic coaching (drive aspect of cultural intelligence)?A student that you have been coaching for has been having issues with attendance.What strategies would you employ in order to improve his/her attendance to school?Describe in detail a situation in which you would become a transformational coach to a student who is struggling academically. What are three terms used in metacognition and what are their purposes?Create a scenario where are you are coaching a student through a conflict between him and another student.How will you commit to improve your tutoring skills? What topics would you want to include that have not already been covered? General comments or suggestions:

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