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Read the article (PDF: HUMA 4326 – El Camino Real) and answer the following questions: Questions 1-Summarize the origins, importance, and length of El Camino Real. 2-Explain the economic importance of El Camino Real since the sixteenth century. 3-Explain how El Camino Real connected diverse cultures. 4-Summarize how El Camino Real changed during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the U. S. territories. 5-Summarize how El Camino Real influenced (benefits and damages) the indigenous tribes.

Week Two Discussion One

In a new thread, in your opinion and experience, rank the Eleven Principles of Leadership (U.S. Army 1983), one through eleven, from most important to least important, as necessary for being an effective and successful leader.  Explain the reason you chose your number one and number eleven principles in those ranked positions. At a minimum, post at least one response and two substantive comments on the responses of other students. 


TWO Five-page International Affairs essays with sources

Please write two 5-page essays with footnote citation answering following two questions.  1. Explain the major problems North Korea poses for contemporary East Asia and their likely development over the next five years.  2. Explain what you see as the main strengths and weaknesses of ASEAN and the various multi-lateral groups (e.g. ASEAN Regional Forum, East Asia Summit, ASEAN Plus Three) convened by ASEAN which have risen to greater importance in East Asian affairs in the post-Cold War period?

Discussion History Question

World History since 1500 : 1.       Discuss: Atlantic slave trade. Identify middle passage(one sentence)/ Discuss: role Women’s in Africa & role Cassava’s (veg.) . (2 Paragraphs) 2.       Scientific revolution. Discuss & Identify: The scientists & Universities, Discoveries/ beliefs/ theory. Last. (2 Paragraphs). 3.       Discuss: Christianity in Islam. (2 Paragraphs). 4.       Discuss: Identify & Beliefs: of martin Luther. Beliefs. Protestant reformation. ( 2 Paragraphs)ALL AS: APA 12 dupel spase


Please read:Richard W. Unger, “Dutch Herring, Technology, and International Trade in the Seventeenth Century,’ The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 40, No. 2 (Jun., 1980), pp. 253-280, available in the Readings Folder on JSTOR at: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2120179

  And discuss:Choose one of the four technical changes in Dutch herring production and discuss how it helps to explain the relationship between the Dutch success and other social, economic, political or cultural trends at that time.


A cohesive team or group structure is an essential component in today’s workplace and requires skill in many areas, including professional and constructive communication; task focus, engagement and leadership; consensus building; conflict management; and resolution of differences. We’ve designed a two-week collaborative activity that will allow you to demonstrate these skills while developing a more complete understanding of key theories and concepts associated with the Capstone learning outcomes.

Korean War- need in 12 hours maximum

Analyze theAnalyze the historical and contemporary causes of the event.Analyze different historical interpretations of the event.Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of the event.The Final Paper must contain a minimum of 1700 words in length (approximately six pages) and use proper APA formatting.  The paper must contain a bibliography at the end and in-text citations that 
are in parenthetical APA form.  I have the Annotated biblography for the korean war.   I will provide it to you later.


Please read Chapters in text 16 contained in Module to under stand America before Columbus. The do Film Analysis by going to Files on Canvas and upload the Worksheet K- PIPER Film analysis sheet. Number your answers and submit after viewing the film on YouTube. After you have turned in your analysis for grading post a short discussion of the film on the discussion posting board to let me know you are present and what your general thoughts of the film were. This is not the same as the film analysis.

week 7

Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler after listening to works by each at the Websites below or in this week’s Music Folder and after reading about them. Explain the reasons for your preference. Here we find musical composers inspired by poetry and by philosophy. Identify one (1) element within a work that you find interesting or intriguing by either composer, with regard to the manner in which the work is performed or conducted. Describe the types of things that inspire you to creativity.

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