this assignment, you will be required to use the Heart Rate Dataset to complete the following:

Use the classification of variables from the Unit 1 assignment to match each variable to one appropriate type of graph
Create graphs of those variables
Give a brief written description of how the values of each variable are distributed in the sample. What does the graph tell us about the data in the heart rate sample?


Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel
Using the classification of variables from Unit 1 assignment as qualitative, quantitative discrete, or quantitative continuous, match each of the 3 variables to the most appropriate graph type. (For example, qualitative data can best be displayed with a pie chart or bar graph; continuous numerical data can best be displayed using a histogram)
Use the graphing functions in Excel to create an appropriate graph of the data for each variable. Remember to properly label and title your graphs to clearly identify what the graph is about.


please do according to that upload template
 Training is an important part of employment no matter what career you are in. For this assignment I want you to write an opinion for the discussion case on page 239 in the textbook. Once this is complete, you need to do a little research and find a Certificate/Certification program that is/will be related to your career. 1. Name the Certificate/Certification. 2. Who/What agency provides the Certificate/Certification. 3. Link to their Webpage. 4. Explain why this is valuable to someone going into this career.  The training program does not have to be related to health and safety.


Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold found something in their relationship to writing that could not be satisfied elsewhere in terms of their careers. Rachel Carson was a scientist by training and Aldo Leopold was a Forester and National Parks Ranger, both of them unlikely candidates as writers and yet, it would be their writings that helped to cement their contributions to humanity and to the environment. Can you comment on how writing helped them to achieve goals beyond those that their initial professions allowed them? In other words, what did the process of writing provide to both of them that their professions alone could not?
Rachel Carson Video:

Aldo Leopold Video:


Insert or delete hyphens as needed in the following paragraph:

1 Attending College in New York City can be pretty scary, especially for a small-town girl from Des Moines, Iowa. 2 Since I am studying nursing, I decided to join Scorpions for Smiles, a student-volunteer-group that visits children who spend a-lot of time in the hospital wards for recovery or treatment purposes. 3 It’s a great feeling knowing that a sick or hurting child is benefiting from my time and up-beat attitude. 4 The last time I visited, I brought coloring supplies so that Amy, the eight year old patient I usually spend time with, and I could draw pictures for her family. 5 Amy is a very well known patient; she is always playing practical jokes on the nurses and doctors! 6 When I went visited with my student group this past week, Amy wasn’t there because she had an X-ray scheduled. 7 I left her a note with some crayons so that she could color after the procedure. 8 Next week is her birth-day. 9. I won’t be visiting that day, but when I do, I’ll bring two plain t shirts to decorate with paints and markers. 10 The corner store near my dorm has cake-mix for only ninety nine cents! 11. I’ll bring a cake for Amy and-the-rest of her friends, too!

Step 2 Save and submit your assignment.
When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.


Throughout the course, you have learned about the skills and theories of business leadership, and you have examined your personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader.Choose a name for your leadership model, and describe the key components of your model, including the psychological foundations that are the basis of your model. [Course Learning Outcome 1]

Describe the traits and behaviors that are the core of your leadership model, and explain how a leader will utilize these traits and behaviors to achieve organizational objectives. [Course Learning Outcome 6] Explain what type of leader will be most successful emulating your model and why. [Course Learning Outcome 5] Describe which of the leadership influence tactics will be most effective for leaders to utilize when applying your model. [Course Learning Outcome 2] Describe how situational leadership applies to your model. [Course Learning Outcome 3] Explain the barriers and opportunities that may affect the implementation of your leadership model

Medication Articles: Written Analysis

For this assignment, please complete a 4-5 page (not including cover page and reference page -I will stop reading at the end of page 5) medication analysis of a medication that could potentially be abused or used illegally, using two peer reviewed articles. In the medication analysis review please complete the following:

Select two peer-reviewed articles (2013 or newer) regarding prescription and/or non prescription medication that a client could abuse or use illegally 
Summarize each article using your own words and include the article information in the references (in APA 7th ed. formatting)
Describe how this medication article relates to social work practice with the client
Describe how this article relates to the readings and video assigned this week
Proof read, use correct grammar, sentence structure, 4-5 pages and APA 7th edition formatting

All medication reviews should reference and use recent articles that deal with the medication as a treatment modality for mental health.  This paper is expected to be written using correct APA 7th edition formatting (there are resources to help with this in the Professionalism, Writing and Research Module at the beginning of the course).
Each section is worth 10 points (up to 50 total points)

Discussion board

Requirements: Identify the question you decide to answer at the top of your post. Prompt responses should answer the question and elaborate in a meaningful way using 2 of the weekly class readings (250 words of original content). Do not quote the readings, paraphrase and cite them using APA style in text citations. You can only use ONE multimedia source for your minimum 2 sources each week. The readings must be from the current week. The more sources you use, the more convincing your argument. Include a reference list in APA style at the end of your post, does not count towards minimum word content. 
Select ONE of the following:
1) Analyze the 4 types of vulnerabilities present in this case before the event. what could have been done better? What is the biggest lesson learned from the Mount Pinatubo Eruption? Note: Review Coppola reading on vulnerability (week 2): no need to define each type of vulnerability, it is common knowledge now, Coppola does not count for the 2 minimum sources. 
2) Describe the issues with the local/ indigenous community in this case. How can governments better communicate with indigenous groups living in at risk locations?

Week 1 Project Assignment Motivation

Cognitive theory of Motivation
Read the following article which i have attached ***** 
Bandura, A. (1989). Human agency in social cognitive theory. American Psychologist, 44(9), 1175-1184.
discuss the answers to the following 

Incorporating information that you learned from the brief document, the article, and your text readings for this week, 
in your own words describe the key points in Bandura’s article, 
explain two cognitive theories that you read about this week, and describe the role that the prefrontal cortex plays in aiding a person to regulate his or her own behavior.

OWN WORDS  Submit your work in a Microsoft Word document in APA format.  Cite and reference sources in APA format.

ch 9


Fill in the My Personal Time Record table.
Begin with those activities that are necessary such as sleep, meals, work, and then move to other activities.
Once you have completed these, then turn to the time that you need to study and do your schoolwork.
Answer the following questions:

Is this enough time for you?
Are there any spaces in time where you could find time for other activities such as exercise or other activities such as self-help items?
Are there any spaces where you could find more time to study?

Save the My Personal Time Record table file, and then upload the file

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